Get £50 off a speedy Koorui 27 inch gaming monitor thanks to this Amazon voucher

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A 1440p, 170Hz IPS show for £140 is simply a awesome price.

The 27-inch Koorui 1440p 170Hz Gaming show connected a bluish background. Image credit: Jelly Deals/Koorui

The saccharine spot for gaming monitors astatine nan infinitesimal is simply a 1440p solution pinch a refresh complaint of 144Hz and above. Games look overmuch much clear and vibrant compared to 1080p, and a higher refresh complaint is important if you're playing fast-paced shooters aliases MOBAs.

Finding that operation utilized to travel astatine a hefty price, but it's travel down a batch successful caller times and there's a bully magnitude of prime for nether £200.

This 27-inch exemplary from Koorui fits nan measure nicely, particularly pinch nan higher than mean 170Hz refresh rate, and acknowledgment to a £50 voucher connected Amazon you tin drawback it for conscionable £140:

This £50 voucher really makes this newer Koorui show nan aforesaid value arsenic nan older, 1080p version which besides has a somewhat little refresh complaint of 165Hz.

The £140 value of nan Koorui comes successful good nether nan recommendations successful Digital Foundry's best PC gaming show guide, and while it lacks dedicated G-Sync and Free-Sync support (it does person "Adaptive Sync") and less relationship ports than different monitors have, for axenic velocity and solution it's difficult to find this operation for cheaper.

Just make judge you click nan "Apply £50 Voucher" checkbox connected nan Amazon merchandise page earlier you adhd it to your handbasket to get nan discount astatine checkout.

This would beryllium a awesome action not conscionable for a PC but for an Xbox aliases PlayStation, and if you want to spot much console accessory deals you tin cheque retired our best PS5 deals page and our best Xbox deals page to spot what's connected offer. You tin besides travel nan Jelly Deals Twitter relationship to support up-to-date connected nan latest tech and gaming deals.

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