SOFTSWISS and BitStarz celebrate 10 years of partnership in the online gaming industry

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iGaming package provider SOFTSWISS and crypto casino BitStarz are celebrating their decade of partnership. Founded successful 2014 connected nan SOFTSWISS Casino Platform, BitStarz was a pioneer successful integrating Bitcoin and fiat transactions, notes nan supplier.

Throughout this tenure, some companies person cultivated a mutually advantageous relationship. BitStarz has leveraged SOFTSWISS' adaptable approach, enabling tailored task customization, while nan SOFTSWISS Casino Platform has evolved successful consequence to BitStarz's feedbackenriching functionality and personification experience. The caller motorboat of Jackpotz Mania exemplifies nan consequence of their collaborative endeavors, notes SOFTSWISS.

BitStarz offers a wide scope of games, including exclusive titles developed by its ain crippled studio, BitStarz Originals, via nan SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator. The usability besides utilizes services of nan SOFTSWISS Antifraud Team, arsenic good arsenic Affilka, SOFTSWISS's connection guidance software.

Throughout this partnership, nan online casino has received respective accolades, including nan recent “Best Casino” astatine nan AskGamblers Awards 2023 and “Best Online Casino” astatine nan LCB Awards 2023 recognitions. Moreover, BitStarz received nan AskGamblers Certificate of Trust.

“We are excited to people this important milestone, celebrating a decade of fruitful collaboration and shared achievements,” Vitali Matsukevich, COO astatine SOFTSWISS, said. "Reflecting connected our journey, it is singular really we person ascended to salient positions done perseverance, innovation, and communal support.

"This ten-year business embodies resilience, adaptability, and nan powerfulness of synergy. I widen my heartfelt congratulations to BitStarz. Many much years of collaboration, innovation, and shared occurrence are ahead."

“Ten years ago, we received our very first deposit, and BitStarz Casino was born. SOFTSWISS was 1 of nan reasons for our success. I want to convey our reliable partner for its support, innovative approach, and decade-long collaboration! I americium judge location are galore much years of business ahead,” Srdjan Kapor, Head of Affiliation & Acquisition astatine BitStarz, said.

Marking nan day of nan partnership, SOFTSWISS announced it will offer unlimited 10% cashback, up to $1 million, in each games for nan adjacent fewer weeks.

"As nan first successful nan world to present a Bitcoin-optimised online casino solution, SOFTSWISS keeps its starring position successful crypto gambling," nan institution said. "Regular State of Crypto reports are highly weighted successful nan manufacture and pull a batch of attraction from nan audience. This year, SOFTSWISS has besides launched a Crypto Podcast Series successful business pinch "

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