Steve Wozniak Biography

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Steve Wozniak, amended known arsenic Woz, is simply a pioneering fig successful nan tech industry. With Steve Jobs, he co-founded Apple Inc. successful 1976 and is simply a important contributor to nan gyration of individual computers. Woz is remembered for his unsocial creation of Apple I and II, machines that evolved to beryllium astatine a forefront of nan PC industry. Even aft stepping backmost from progressive operations astatine Apple, Wozniak continues to nurture productivity and innovations, serving arsenic a mentor and philanthropist to nan young inventors.

Steve Wozniak Biography

Early Life of Wozniak

Born connected August 11, 1950, arsenic Stephan Gary Wozniak, successful San Jose, California, he exhibited a immense liking successful exertion and electronics from a very young age. His begetter Lockheed Martin was an engineer, nurtured and influenced nan aforesaid passion. When he was successful his teens, Woz started improving his machine designing skills. He continued his acquisition astatine Homestead High School successful Cupertino, California. During these precocious schoolhouse years, Woz met Steve Jobs done a communal friend, frankincense marking nan opening of nan astir iconic relationship successful nan exertion industry.

After High School, Woz attended nan University of California, Berkeley, wherever he was exposed to nan burgeoning exertion civilization of nan San Francisco Bay Area. Though he had to driblet retired because of financial constraints, he further continued his method pursuits. During this play Woz and Jobs attended meetings of nan Homebrew Computer Club together, inspiring their liking successful making their ain hardware.

After Berkeley, Woz joined Hewlett-Packard (HP) arsenic an physics engineer, wherever he started designing calculators. At nan aforesaid time, he worked pinch Jobs to creation a machine circuit board, initially intended to beryllium a individual and nosy project. The task culminated successful nan groundbreaking Apple I, frankincense mounting nan instauration of Apple Inc. and shifting nan way of Woz’s life. Despite nan trajectory of his early career, Woz yet went to decorativeness his grade successful 1986 from Berkeley.

 Career and Research

Woz was a agleam and inventive kid and displayed a knack for mathematics and engineering from a very early age. His existent passion laic successful designing computers and aft sharing his views and ideas pinch Jobs, they group retired to shape their ain company.

In 1976, Woz and Jobs co-founded Apple Inc., creating their first machine together, nan Apple I, successful nan car shed of Job’s parents. The adjacent year, Wozniak introduced nan Apple II which was much successful and user-friendly. His programming and creation contributions importantly influenced individual machine development, frankincense making computing disposable to nan masses.

steve wozniak and steve jobs

Leaving Apple

Wozniak near Apple officially successful February 1985. Despite his departure, he was kept connected nan payroll and remained a shareholder, embodying nan bosom and tone of nan company. Woz stated his determination to time off Apple was motivated by a diminished liking successful nan regular moving of nan institution and a wish to attraction connected different ventures and philanthropy. He besides had definite reservations astir nan guidance Apple was taking without Jobs, who besides had near by that time. After Apple, Woz exchanged rings successful galore different businesses, including founding CL 9, a distant power company, and sewage progressive successful a assortment of tech acquisition initiatives.

Family Life

Wozniak was joined 4 times, his existent woman being Janet Hill whom he joined successful 2008. He has 3 kids from his erstwhile marriages, Jesse John Wozniak, Sara Nadine Wozniak, and Gary Patrick Wozniak. Wozniak and his family unrecorded successful Los Gatos, California. Despite his popularity, Wozniak has kept his family life private, sharing only constricted accusation pinch nan public.

Awards and Accolades

Over nan people of years, Wozniak’s pioneering innovations and contributions to exertion person earned him galore awards. He, pinch Steve Jobs, was awarded nan National Medal of Technology and Innovation by President Ronal Reagan successful 1986. It was considered nan highest grant successful America for technological achievement. In 1997, he was inducted into nan National Inventors Hall of Fame. In 2011, he was awarded nan Global Award of nan President of Armenia for Outstanding Contribution to Humanity Through IT. All these awards and nickname underscore his captious domiciled successful nan gyration of individual computing.

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